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19 10 4U 6U 9U 12U Network Data Cabinet Comms Wall Rack Patch Panel Switch LAN

19 10 4U 6U 9U 12U Network Data Cabinet Comms Wall Rack Patch Panel Switch LAN

19 10 4U 6U 9U 12U Network Data Cabinet Comms Wall Rack Patch Panel Switch LAN
We provide a full range of accessories for both the 19" and 10" variants of this product, offering a one stop solution for your installation. This product is available fully assembled, or in a flat pack form - offering unmatched flexibility to the installer. For additional information, please see the description below.

Introducing the P Series Cabinet Range. Elevate your network infrastructure to the next level with our cutting-edge P Series Network Cabinet.

Designed with precision, performance, and practicality in mind, the P Series represents the pinnacle of network cabinet design. 19 300mm Cabinet Dimensions (HxWxD). 19 450mm Cabinet Dimensions (HxWxD). 10 SOHO Cabinet Dimensions (WxHxD).

Note: For full product details see the table below. Our Stealthy Black powder coat finish boasts a deep black hue that exudes sophistication. It's the pe rfect choice for those who appreciate the f iner details and want to make a lasting impression. While offering premium quality, our Stealthy Black powder coat finish is rugged and durable, making our cabinet a long-lasting choice for businesses and individuals alike. Our network cabinet is designed with removable side doors that provide quick and easy access to your networking equipment. When maintenance or upgrades are needed, these doors can be effortlessly removed, saving you valuable time. Security is a top priority, and our lockable side doors ensure that your network infrastructure remains safe and protected.

A clean and organised network cabinet enhances the overall appearance of your installation. The removable cable entry ports provide a professional cable management solution, creating a positive impression.

Removable, Reversible Front Door With Clear Safety Glass Window. Our network cabinet's front door is not only removable but also reversible. This means you have the freedom to choose whether it opens from the left or right, adapting to the layout of your server room or data centre. This level of versatility ensures easy access to your networking equipment, no matter the setup.

Our 19 P Series cabinets are engineered with a full-size removable back plate, providing unrestricted access to the rear of your networking equipment. This innovative design allows IT professionals to perform maintenance, upgrades, and troubleshooting tasks with ease, saving valuable time and minimising disruptions. Overheating can be a significant concern in network cabinets, especially in densely populated server rooms or data centres. Our cabinet's fan cut out aperture provides a solution to dissipate heat efficiently, reducing the risk of equipment damage and downtime. Safety is a top priority in any networking environment.

By grounding the cabinet door, the strap helps protect personnel from electrical shocks and ensures a safe working environment. Our grounding strap will help you to ensure that your network installation complies with safety regulations, reducing liability concerns and demonstrating a commitment to safety and quality. The numbered, adjustable front and rear equipment mount profiles simplify the installation process. Each mounting position is clearly labelled, allowing you to precisely place your equipment without guesswork. This feature ensures that your networking components are both secure and well-organised.

Available as a flat pack. Whether you're working in tight spaces, older buildings, or locations with restricted access, the optional flat pack design is adaptable and can be assembled on-site. The sturdy, reinforced walls act as a shield against potential impacts, ensuring that your equipment arrives in perfect condition. Our network racks feature a lockable Steel-Framed door, supplied with six keys.

Removable, lockable side doors with anti rattle bumpers supplied as standard. Transparent window for monitoring of equipment. Earth studs supplied as standard, including earthing strap to attach to the front door. Adjustable, Numbered (1U, 2U etc) Front and Rear Profiles to enable eg rear mounting of PDU if required. Removable back plate for rear cable entry/access if required. Supplied with cage nuts and mounting screws to support equipment within the rack. Upper and lower cable entry points with removable/replaceable covers. Fan mounting cut-out at the top of the cabinet. Quick release reversible front door - enabling easy removal for access while cabling. Multiple vent holes in the front and sides, to keep equipment cool. These cabinets are designed to be used in home or small office applications, and in larger installations, where they can provide a useful distribution point that perhaps might serve one floor.
19 10 4U 6U 9U 12U Network Data Cabinet Comms Wall Rack Patch Panel Switch LAN